We were only trying to help…

I haven’t blogged for ages.  There is a reason for this.  My aim was to knit and then write about the encounters I had whilst knitting.  However, of late this hasn’t quite gone to plan.  Whenever I have started to knit in a public place, it seems that everyone simply ignores me.  But if I have no knitting with me, then I find myself enjoying all kinds of weird and wonderful conversations with complete strangers.

Perhaps I look a bit grumpy when I am knitting – it’s all the concentrating, I guess.  And maybe that’s a bit offputting. So it seems I will have to rethink this blog’s reason for existence – either that or make sure I am wearing a silly grin whenever I am plaining and purling in public.

And now here’s a story that has nothing to do with knitting.

We have just returned from a beautiful holiday in mid-Wales.  It was such a lovely time. The sun on the autumn leaves made for a gold and crystal world, and we felt very blessed.

On one of our walks, we encountered a small fuzzy caterpillar marching across a cycle path in a most determined manner.  We feared for his future – one rotation of a Continental road tyre and he would become a two-dimensional ex-caterpillar.  So it seemed only kind to coax him on to a leaf and take him to the verge where he was heading.

He didn’t like it.  He looked at the leaf with suspicion and had to be practically scooped up on it. And when we deposited him on the verge, he simply sat there, looking stunned and sulky.  Oh well – we did our best.

On the way back, we looked out for him.  We found his travel-leaf but there was no sign of the traveller.  But then one of us thought to look at the cycle path close to the opposite verge – and there he was.  We must have really ruined his day – so much so that he chose to risk life and limb (he had a few little legs) to get back to the place where he’d started – just because he could.

Which just goes to show something, although I’m not sure what. There’s that old wisdom that says if you want to make God laugh, then tell Him your plans.  And so, I planned to write a blog about adventures with knitting – but things only seem to happen when I DON’T knit.  And we planned to help a caterpillar get safely to the place where he seemed to be heading  – only to find him responding by setting off again in the opposite direction.  You never can predict what will happen next.