World…are you ready for the community collage?

This evening – following several episodes of eye strain, needle-gouged fingers and   inconvenient cricks in the neck – I have at last sewn together all the pieces of knitting produced by various folk last summer.  The knitters in question cheerfully donated 50p, chose yarn and needles and stitched whatever they wanted, the aim being to incorporate all their pieces into a grand community collage.  All the money donated was given to charity.

So now, they are joined together (with a few bits and pieces from my own workbag to augment them) and a new summer beckons.  Who will take on the challenge?  Who will approach my stall, just longing to add to this co-operative creation?

This is the progress so far….


…I think it’s pretty!  It is also pretty random, but that’s the fun of it.

There is so much delightful philosophy involved in this project.

Volunteers knit their own unique piece.  There are no rules…people can just be themselves.  But despite all that freedom of choice, these unique pieces can then be added one to another to create something colourful and fun.

In other words, whatever our belief system/political viewpoint/nationality/sexual identity/reaction to Marmite, we can each work together to create a whole that is more beautiful than its parts (well..I’m sure that life really can be like that.  Just hope my sewing can do justice to this noble idea).

Because the participants are working with yarn, the pieces CAN join together with just a little persuasion. Yarn is flexible enough to do that.  And I guess that we can use that flexibility as a model for a more tolerant and accommodating approach to life (even though I still struggle with those who don’t like Marmite…but, hey…).

And so, in a mixture of wool, acrylic, cotton and ribbon, it is possible to create a celebration of life in all its rich and diverse glory.  A metaphor for the variety and wonder of the Cosmos (And perhaps it’s just as well that not everyone likes Marmite.  At least that enables the Marmite quarries to keep producing for a little longer).

If they will put up with me again, I hope to be at Patchway Festival this year – so if you want to add to the collage, just come and find me.  And if you want to tell a story for the blog, then you are doubly welcome!

Hope to see some of you in the summer.